Pacific Statistics Steering Committee

The Pacific Statistics Steering Committee (PSSC) was established by the 3rd Regional Conference of Heads of Planning and Statistics at its meeting in July 2010.

PSSC is the body to monitor and direct regional statistical activities and developments.  The PSSC is composed of representatives from PICT NSO who are selected at the Heads of Planners and Statisticians Meeting which convene every 3 years.  PSSC has met on 12 occasions, with the broad purpose of monitoring the Workplan and sharing information on country-level statistical issues and challenges.

Currently, these are 9 PSSC members headed by Chair, and supported by 2 Vice-Chairs:

  • Chair: Simil Johnson, Vanuatu Government Statistician
  • Vice-Chair: Taggy Tangimetua, Cook Islands Government Statistician
  • Vice-Chair: Ipia Gadabu, Nauru Government Statistician
  • Member: Masiva Masila, Tonga Government Statistician
  • Member: Maliliga Peseta, Samoa Planner
  • Member: Casmir Remengesau, Palau Planner
  • Member: Maria Wau, PNG Planner
  • Member: Epeli Waqavonovono, Fiji Government Statistician
  • Member: Kele Lui, Tokelau Government Statistician

Key responsibilities include:

  • Providing regional voice for statistics
  • Overseeing the implementation of TYPSS
  • Overseeing the assessment of progress of TYPSS
  • Providing leadership for statistical improvement in the Pacific region

Friend of the Chair

The Friend of the Chair position is a voluntary position that was requested by Pacific Statisticians.  Mr. Len Cook will continue to provide the support mechanism for the PSSC until the end of Phase II.